Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Whether Newbie or Seasoned Surgery Center Manager, You Should know of the newest technology.

Whether you be a new surgery center manager/administrator or a well seasoned one, there are technologies that are being invented every day that could be a gem for you.  Regardless of where you are located or how big your facility is, there are certain technologies that are coming in and making major head waves in productivity and patient outcomes.

Here below, we have some of the latest ones.  But only the pictures of the device, you have to realize you do or you do not know anything of what this item is.  Let us know if you are up on these or not, we then will send you the links to the product pages.  It is a fun exercise to check your checker so to say.  So here we go:

Hint:  this technology helps to reduce the potential of airborne bugs that cause an infection post operative.

Hint:  When you do ortho cases, this problem can cause a chaotic moment or two in the operators space.

Hint:  this device aids in reducing an order through out your facility.

Hint:  pink is always symbolic to ?

I hope you enjoyed this quiz, and have a nice day.

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