Thursday, May 24, 2018

Google (YOUTUBE) deactivated our YouTube Account. No reason why, no response from letters sent. u2?

That's right, not that our account on YOUTUBE was that big of an account or because of the amount of traffic that surfed there to our youtube page daily, but it was our account and we had put a lot of work into the videos that we had developed.

The way it was handled was the worst part.  No notice, no suspension then allowing us to correct something we had done wrong or even given the opportunity to ask questions about why they felt it had gone against youtube's code of content.

Just woke up, said there were a complaint and bam! Account closed.

I have written letters asking for an explanation, nothing.  nothing.

That's cold.  Real Cold, but then again, it is Google and Google has their own set of rules we have to live by or we may not wake up at all one morning.  LOL. 

If you have had a similar experience, share yours here in the comments and let's see if we can get our account redeemed.  Thanks to all you and your support. 

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