Monday, July 17, 2017

Surgery Center Signage-Don't forget these!

This is posted on outside door of the room where the gases are housed and maintained.

This is also posted on the same door to the gas room if patients have direct access to the room or patient families'.

This is posted outside the door that has the C-Arm or any other radiological type equipment that has radiation.

This is posted in the recovery room at the nurses station for all to see and one in the operating room.  Onc outside the door to the surgery center is also a good idea.  

This is posted outside the door that leads to the surgical area, the area whereby the red line is on the floor that separates the surgical area from the nonsurgical portion of the center.
This sign and the sign below, both of these are placed on the outside of the storage area whereby biohazardous waste is kept.

This no smoking sign in posted in the lobby area of the center, along with one at the nurses station of the recovery room.

This sign is posted at the operating door of the procedure room.

This is posted above the soiled area or side of the sterilization process.

This is posted opposite to the soiled area signage.  
This eye wash station should be posted above the location for the emergency eye wash location.  

This book or manual of your active products that require an SDS is positioned above where you list the binder for your manual.  
This is posted to the emergency exit door from the inside, not outside.  
This is posted outside your tele/data com room, at entrance of door.

Simple signage with Mechanical engineering for your vacuum. 

That summarizes the requirements for signage for a newly opened surgery center as of this date, 9/18/20.  End Troy Lair 

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