Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Allergy Sticker and How to use it for the outpatient surgical patient or in the Ambulatory Surgery Center.

we all know and love those ____ stickers!  Right?  But, down deep inside we also know that they potentially save lives of many each and every year.  Without a means to quantify such numbers that would have otherwise been of a demise, we stubbornly go over them with new staff and we trust they will always remember to ask and document those allergies/sensitivities but, we know they can be missed from time to time.  No doubt the three times in one year that Susie Q. missed them, that would be the one chart the surveyor would ask for overtime.  LOL.  

Here is a sticker I developed, it has all the portions that you need in order to be compliant, and because of the size, I think it is really hard not to notice one is missing on a chart, you think?  Try it out, see how you like it.  Maybe the staff would enjoy using it more than the one you currently use.  Regardless mine, yours, or some else's, there must be one and it can be very problematic when missing not to fail to mention, it could be the difference between life and death. 

                                  feel free to reproduce this as you wish.

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