Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Surgery Centers want those OrthoPods! Why is that?

Orthopedics is still the highest revenue generating service codes there are reimbursed by the insurance companies.  If you have thought about adding the ortho service codes to your list of services provided, then this cost breakdown is just what you can use to get  an idea of just how inexpensive it really is to do this.  Check these out:

Amsco electric OR table $3,995
Datex-Ohmeda Anesthesia machine $7,999
Steris Renaissance Prevac Sterilizer $5,000 
Lot of genesis sterilization trays (4) $.99
Stryker Command drill system $1,349 (2) = $2,698 and power unit $300 (2) = $600
Basic instrument tray $250
Specialty instruments (ronguers, mallet, retractors,ect)- $9 to $25 per instrument (new)
Stainless steel back table $1,300
Mayo stand $1,000 (2) = $2,000
Stryker Post op bed $1,300 (4) = $5,200
New ICU patient monitor $599 (OBO) (4) = $2,400
New Steris System 1E $20,000 
Stryker small fragment tray complete with screws $5,000
RōG Sports Medicine shoulder tray with 30 anchors $9,000
Total: Approximately $85,000

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