Thursday, April 5, 2012

TIPS for Passing the Performance Improvement Portion of your upcoming Accreditation Surveys

Here is a checklist to help DME companies, Home HEALTH AGENCIES, IDTF, Dialysis, CORF, HOSPICE, AND THE LIST GOES ON...., pass accreditation in their PI Performance efforts:

1. Identify adequate categories of studied indicators.
In other words, look at quality indicators, accuracy, completeness in:
employee records, billing practices, regulatory compliance, financial solvency, strategic management etc. It's not just about customer satisfaction.
However, you may emphasis some while putting others on hold for revisiting later. You need to have on-going activities consistently and a complete plan over time. You do not have to look at ALL indicators ALL the time so that the PI responsibilities amount to a financial burden for the company.

2. Identify your sample sizes and stick to them.
If you say you will sample 50% or 30% or 100%, then come close.

3. Identify goals and realistic, acceptable outliers.

4. Develop a tool to adequately collect the data for each indicator. Use quantifiable ratings when possible (like a numerical rating system)
And use it.

5. Identify a person responsible to collect the data.
This can be identified by a job title.
Make sure the person does it.

6. Identify the frequency of data collection, analysis and reporting.
Stick to the stated plan

7. (Usually forgotten) Turn the data into usable information. Analyze it. Identify strengths, weaknesses.

8. Turn the analysis into Performance Improvement Plans (also usually left out and the most important aspect of a PI Process). Will you, based upon the analysis of the data collected:
Change processes?
Change policy?
re-train employees?
Switch to another brand of product?
Increase/improve/change customer training?
Change billing companies?
Outsource billing or bring it in-house?
Outsource deliveries?
Drop or add product categories or vendors?
etc. (these are examples, but not comprehensive nor complete list of possible plans)

9. When will you re-evaluate your process changes? How?

10. DOCUMENT, document, document.
Your P&P Manual must describe processes you will institute to accomplish these steps. Your PI activities records must show ongoing work on these processes.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RHC (Rural Health Clinics) can now achieve Medicare Certification via Deem Status Authority

The Long Time Waiting is over and the businesses of RHC in rural parts of our country can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, Thank God.  It's true, Medicare has officially posted on their website as well AAAASF has done the same in that Medicare has awarded them the right to become fully certified by the conditions for participation as a true rural health clinic and the luxuries that provides them more revenues due to the practice being part of the rural towns across this mighty nation.

Those of you who have been waiting, the time is now that you can push to achieve this certification provided you are in a designated part of the country that medicare deems as rural... read on by hitting this link

About to enroll as a provider with CMS? Then read this...

Providers and suppliers can apply to enroll in the Medicare program using one of the following two methods:   Internet-based Provider Enrol...

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