Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surgery Centers, Got Claims Collection Problems?

This company I have personal, professional experience with in that they know how to collect monies from those slow and bad ass companies!  Here is there information, don't delay and call them today!

Press Release
Turning Your ASCs Aged Insurance Claims into Cash
Press Release
Surgery centers are faced with more challenges than ever before.  At ImpactAR our sole focus is on getting our ASC clients paid on aged insurance claims.  With more complex payor contracting, an increase in contested claims, and a shortage of time and resources, ImpactAR can step in to get you paid on even the most difficult aged insurance claims. 
Why ImpactAR
  • There is no risk - we only get paid when you do
  • One collection firm focused exclusively on getting you paid on all types of aged insurance claims, whether workman's comp cases, non-covered cases, out-of-network, and more
  • Our process is fully confidential and HIPPA compliant
  • Skilled in all areas of third-party billing in order to affect payment from appropriate payers
  • Our knowledgeable and experienced team is focused on ASC collections
  • Our Senior team has been active in the ASC industry for over 20 years
  • We can generate revenue for you on claims anywhere from 90 days to several years old
  • ImpactAR lets you and your staff focus on your core competencies and reduces your internal staffing requirements
  • Complimentary quote and collection review
  • Simply provide us with an aged trail balance report and we will analyze your aged A/R
Recovering every cent of revenue that your surgery center is owed has never been more important. 

Simply contact ImpactAR and start turning your old claims into cash.
About ImpactAR
ImpactAR was formed to help surgery centers collect on unpaid insurance claims.  Our leadership, which has over 60 years of combined ASC experience, and our team of professionals are focused solely on providing the highest quality and most effective collection services for our surgery center clients. 
John Kessler

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