Monday, May 16, 2011

Surgery Center Owners win $22 Million Dollar Settlement against a BIG PLAYER, One of the Blue(s)

Great News for Surgery Center Owners!!

B/CB/S of New Jersey thought they were going to get out having to pay for claims submitted via out of network facilities.  Think again, to the tune of a settlement of $22 Million dollars, I don't think so!  Read the entire article here

Just a little side note to assist you with your cash flow....  for those of you who have many claims hanging out there in denials due to this issue of in/out of network, maybe making a copy of this article and attaching a copy of the article to each and every claim form and resubmitting them to the insurance company might be your token and start at helping assist you at ending this obnoxious delays for payment?  It sure can't hurt, right? 


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