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If you are a newly organized Durable Medical Equipment Company or a DME that has been open but, has yet to become accredited, then this article is for you.

( February 16, 2011 --
As all of us are aware, The Federal Medicare Program now requires all durable medical equipment companies & home medical equipment companies be fully accredited by one of the nine accreditation organizations that they've approved in order to be reimbursed federal monies of the Medicare patient.

The process of obtaining accreditation by one of the organizations is very time consuming and tedious, leaving the typical dme provider frustrated and overwhelmed. There is a formality that should be followed when applying for a dme license and accreditation. Though undeveloped until now, no one had taken the time to formally write these, which this article outlines below:

1. Identify a business name, name search and then legally file the corporation paperwork in order to receive the state approval stamped document. DME/HME usually incorporates as "S", "C", or "LLC", consult your Attorney for advice on which is best for you and your business.

2. Choose the location for the business. You must have a legitimate business address and it cannot be an office out of your home residence as once it could in the past. The business location should be Medical Zoned for patients, wheelchair accessible, and the standard federal ADA regulations should be applied before executing the lease with terms.

3. Apply for your local city business license. This is usually done through the state franchise boards not confusing this license with the State License that is generated through the department of public health/human services.

4. Depending upon the state your dme business is to reside and furnish dme to patients, the state may or may not have a state license that you must obtain in order to be operational. In the state of California, this is done through the Retail Pharmacy boards. Suggestion: call your state office and find out specifics for your state, do not assume!

5. Locate and Purchase a Policy and Procedures Manual for the operations of your DME. This is very important, as you will have to demonstrate by evidence to your policies to the accrediting organization. Policy and Procedures Manual should contain a table of contents as this manual to meet the minimum regulatory requirements.

6. Determine which accrediting organization you wish to utilize to meet the Medicare requirements, and then call them to obtain the application for DME/HME Accreditation.

7. Follow the specific instructions prepared by Medicare for New Provider Enrollment. Do pay close attention to the instructions of the new provider enrollment; there are supporting documents that must be submitted with the application. Forms 588 & 460 must also be included in the packet to Medicare for new enrollment.

8. At this point you are awaiting accreditation, which can take up to 90 days after the accrediting body has approved your application for the Accreditation of durable medical equipment/home medical equipment provider based business.

9. There are consultants to help you along the way of achieving this accreditation. Firms like The Compliance Doctor, LLC has been instrumental in assisting over 350 DME companies achieve theirs, and they can assist you too.

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