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The Compliance Doctor is the Health Care Expert in Accreditation and Medicare Certifications.

The Compliance Doctor is the Health Care Expert in Accreditation and Medicare Certifications


Troy Lair

We can help!  Our Health Care Consultants are more than eager to assist you at successfully reaching your goals in passing your upcoming survey.  We provide initial accreditation or re-accreditation services that can be totally customized to meet your individual needs regardless of the size of your organization.

If you are in search of an Accreditation Consultant or Healthcare Accreditation Consultants, The Compliance Doctor, LLC is just what you need.

Ambulatory health care is the term used to describe any kind of health care that can be administered without the patient being admitted into the hospital. The term ambulatory applies to the patient being able to 'walk' into the facility for services and able to 'walk out'.  Ambulatory can also be associated with the term outpatient, services that can be delivered without the patient being admitted into the acute care or inpatient care setting. The surgery center consultants at The Compliance Doctor, LLC have the proven expertise to provide you with the answers and information needed during a health care accreditation consultation.

Accreditation Consultants for Surgery Centers, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC), Health Care Facilities, Health Care Centers, Home Health Agencies (HHA), Behavioral Health, Detox, Durable Medical Equipment Companies (DME or HME), Pharmacies, Radiology, MRI, CAT, Infusion Centers, PICC Line Centers, Sleep Medicine, Sleep Apnea, Staffing Registry, IDTF, Behavioral Health, Urgent Care Centers, Rural Health Clinic Designations, and More.

Accreditation is necessary for many companies that wish to submit claims to the Federal Medicare Program.  Most recently, laws were passed with Congress that now require durable medical equipment companies be accredited in order to submit claims for Medicare reimbursements.  More recently, congress has passed the accreditation requirement onto the radiological branch of medicine, requiring companies that perform  CT, MRI, and other radiography type procedures also be accredited by the year of 2011.


Whether it\'s DME Accreditation, ASC Accreditation, Sleep Medicine Accreditation, IDTF Certification, Rural Health Clinic Designation....The Accreditation Consultants of The Compliance Doctor is what you\'re looking for in a consulting firm.

Our services are guaranteed1! Our customers say our services meet and exceed their expectations, read for yourself their testimonials.

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Troy Lair, Founder, Principal Consultant

In today\'s ever changing and speedy health care environment, time and money are essential for success. This is why hundreds of physicians, surgery centers, and other healthcare professionals have entrusted The Compliance Doctor, LLC with their specific needs. Our professionally designed road maps for accreditation, licensing, equipment acquisition, physicians\' practice management, and coding/ billing compliance have truly marked the road to success.

Our understanding of health care businesses allows physicians to stay focused on revenue generating activities while we focus on the administrative and regulatory. We understand that you generate revenue when you\'re seeing patients, thus we allow for your energies to be redirected to the bedside of the patient. This gives us a sense of purpose but more importantly, the ownership and responsibility at succeeding. This is our defining difference from our competitors whether local or national.

Never pay for services you don\'t need. On demand, our seasoned support staff is available to our clients. The Compliance Doctor, LLC will work with you every step of the way until you reach satisfaction in obtaining the goals set forth in our engagement letter.

We are not happy until you are happy!

We are committed at maintaining our customer satisfaction rating of 100

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Troy Lair

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