Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dr. Yamini Survives another Medicare Survey, The Compliance Doctor, LLC takes him through it with flying colors of success!

Dr. Yamini, A Los Angeles Based Gastro Physician - this Jan 2008 was time for his renewal of accreditation with Medicare Certification. The surveyor, she arrived the early morning of the 18th of Jan ready to go and in full steam ahead. We spent all day the first day going over all the documentation, quality, and patient records. Day #2 was the day for observing a procedure, looking through the operating room details and so forth. He was left without deficiency and will receive a three year accreditation with no doubt. He was another happy client of TCD - and we helped him do it right from the very beginning. The Compliance Doctor, healthcare accreditation experts hard at work to help you understand what it is that you have to do to be safe and regulatory healthy in the world of healthcare and all of its over-regulated demands.

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