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Every Med Spa center has the responsibility to meet all federal and state regulations pertaining to the operations of such a facility. This includes the adherence to HIPAA,

OSHA and the proper disposal of waste. All centers are encouraged to maintain copies of client histories but, does your center protect this information? How is it protected? Is it compliant to the standards of Title XXII of California Department of Health and Human Services? When a client enters your center, are they asked to sign in on a sheet that other names are made public? Do you think that having retail is the key to being exempt from HIPAA? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is a problem.

A successful MedSpa starts with being in compliance with all of these points for discussion.


You may feel that inside the walls of your center which are equipped with the best products, service, equipment, attractive staff, and atmosphere you ask yourself why are some MedSpa's more successful than others? MedSpa's are opening up in record numbers around the country but when you browse through your local career websites, you will find that the staff turnover rate is increasingly high. With such a high turnover rate, your exposure to litigation, violations, and possible licensure disciplinary action from the boards increases two fold. For every new hire, your risk is increased by 50%. When was the last time you ensured that your staff were in-serviced and quizzed on the regulations of HIPAA for privacy and release of medical information?


What is happening in this arena, where you can find the best of both worlds, integrating medical grade products and procedures with a spa and retail like atmosphere? Here you start to build a recipe for success and you find yourself constantly looking for new clients and new staff. Not only is it not advisable to be doing both simultaneously, it is also detrimental to any business to be at the mercy of a trainee while trying to retain current clientele. Staff development and training to your spa's policy and procedures regarding HIPAA and OSHA training is so very important, yet a recent survey detected only 30% of new hires were getting any training at all, not to mention HIPAA and OSHA specifically.


Patient Health Information is protected under federal law and if you are a Spa under the supervision of a Medical Doctor, then you are a MedSpa and you must comply. This means you, the owner, medical director, allied health professional, office manager, receptionist, cashier, and anyone else in who is employed or contracted by the center. The Federal Government takes this very seriously. Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of this and they know they have rights and the right to file complaints and file suits.




Proper disposal of Bio Hazardous Waste


After the allied health professional performs Botox injections, how do they dispose of the needle and syringe? Do they participate in recapping? Have you or anyone else in the MedSpa been guilty of cross-contamination? A Los Angeles Physician was recently suspended from licensure for sixteen months secondary to sticking a soiled needle into the vial of a sterile med. Are you at risk of being disciplined for similar acts of lazy and negligent procedure? "Don't ever under estimate the consumers awareness of proper procedure", this, now non-working, physician warns.



The Compliance Doctor, LLC
can safeguard your center and assist you with complying with all of the federal and state regulations including HIPAA and OSHA Certification. We are a healthcare consulting firm that specializes in the development, training, licensure, certification, and recruitment of healthcare professionals.

For a small fee of $500.00, we will come into your facility, assess your strengths and weaknesses and at the same time give you advice and quick solutions to improve your integrity against such litigation. And, if you call and mention this article, we'll throw into the sale a full service training session of both: HIPAA and OSHA with documented staff participation and agenda for your records in order to meet state mandates.


Many clients, like you, have called taking that first step of ensuring compliance. Call today, tomorrow may be too late! 310-566-7282 or email us @













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