Monday, April 30, 2007

A New Client from Texas writes…

Friday, April 27, 2007 @ 11:10 AM and I quote the Client stating:


"I interviewed two Texas based companies, one Florida based company and one North Carolina based company and yours. You basically went out of your way to answer my questions without making me feel like a novice (which I am) I felt comfortable calling and emailing you with any information I needed. I am glad you got the gig. Very deserving, I look forward meeting you and working with you" D. d. -nursing director


Thank you D.D. for such nice words and examples of our efforts. Here at The Compliance Doctor, LLC we value our clients with each individual's needs as special as they are. No two clients have the same level of understanding likewise no two clients have the same level of appreciation or need to understand some of the processes we must employ in order for you to be happy with the accreditation of your facility. It is very much a pleasure to work with all types in our client base; you are special and have the desire to learn this work. We appreciate your eagerness in understanding it all and look forward to working with you as you mature into the awareness and understanding as to what it really means to "do the right thing from the very beginning". Thank you again, Troy Lair, Chief Consultant and CEO- the Compliance Doctor, LLC


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